CHEF IN THE HOOD - Healthy eating at its best/Have knives will travel
Healthy eating can be mastered with the link card to the Master card. From the food pantry to what's on hand at home. Introducing new ways of being creative in cooking on a budget.
Chef in the Hood want to be able to help others make life styles changes by healthy food choices and shopping. This will help  the consumers within the community to become more knowledgeable about fresh fruits and produce.
Chef in the Hood has extensive experience in alternative eating and cooking . We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan for you to achieve optimum  healthy choices without breaking the bank .
Chef in the hood newest adventure - KITCHEN TAKE OVER
I am taking over your kitchen, so let me do a recon of your cabinets and create a healthier place to cook, play and having fun
We offer:
  • Interactive classes
  • cooking demostrations
  • Basic cooking techniques 
  • lifestyle changes through healthy eating methods
  • Tips and nutritional tricks 
  • Private/Personal Chef services
  • Recipies and ideas by visiting our Blog
  • Kitchen Take Over- make your kitchen a healthy kitchen
  • Contact # 773-216-0663
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